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Galden® PFPE is a family of inert, high-performance perfluorinated fluids that offer good dielectric properties, exceptional chemical stability and the ability to operate at very low and elevated temperatures under aggressive conditions. GALDEN is used in various applications including soldering. In reflow condensation soldering, also known as vapor phase soldering, GALDEN fluid is used as a medium for heat transfer. It is heated, produces steam when boiling, the steam displaces the air in the soldering system and creates an oxygen-free atmosphere and the hot steam condenses on the cold places such as: B. the solder joints and heats them very efficiently. During the cooling process, the aggregate state changes again, the vapor becomes a liquid and moves into the tub or the medium storage.


Due to its excellent stability and good properties, GALDEN liquid is ideal for vapor phase soldering.

GALDEN is available in different versions with different boiling temperatures. The LS-230 with a boiling temperature of 230°C is recommended for lead-free soldering.

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