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Soldering quality.
From board one.

Your simple solution for precise and professional SMD soldering.

With efficient technology, reliable performance, and user-friendly operation, the JUST SOLDER 460 enables perfect solder connections from the first board.

Whether for industrial applications or laboratory use, we invite you to discover the advantages of this professional vapor phase soldering system. Immerse yourself in the world of first-class soldering technology for prototypes, samples, small batches, and low-volume production with the JUST SOLDER 460!



Simple operation.



Ideal for proto-

types and small



in Germany


Only 0.25 kWh per soldering cycle.

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For beginners and professionals

In the development of the JustSolder 460, it was important to us that the soldering system offers a lot while remaining easy to use.

What emerged is a well-coordinated and reliable hardware with operation through a touch color display. The software is straightforward, and the menu navigation is intuitive.

We have integrated a predefined soldering program so that soldering can be done immediately without prior knowledge.

Professionals appreciate the customization options to create and adjust soldering profiles. Additionally, soldering curves can be displayed and saved to compare changes effectively.

Lötkurve SMD Löten Kondensationslöten

Precision soldering

The JustSolder 460 ensures precise control of soldering parameters. This enables optimal solder connections with high repeatability, even in small quantities. This is particularly important to guarantee consistent quality. The soldering process can be adjusted by you to specific requirements, allowing you to solder challenging components with confidence.

The vapor phase technology of the soldering system enables uniform heat distribution in the soldering process. Therefore, various components with different thermal requirements can be easily soldered simultaneously.

The Just Solder 460 comes with a temperature sensor, which can measure temperatures in the unit or directly on the board. The soldering device can be optionally expanded with an additional temperature sensor.

Temperatures are displayed in real-time and can also be presented as a curve.

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Minimize component stress

& increase quality.


In vapor phase soldering, soldering can be done at comparatively lower temperatures. The vapor transfers heat much more efficiently than heated air, as in the case of reflow convection soldering. Lead-free soldering is typically done at only 230°C as a standard. This significantly reduces component stress.

The ambient air in the soldering system is displaced by the generated vapor - allowing the Just Solder 460 to solder in an oxygen-free atmosphere. This helps avoid the formation of an oxidation layer when the solder joint is melted.

Reduced stress, soldering without oxidation, uniform heat distribution, and precise control of soldering parameters contribute to high reliability of the assembly, minimizing soldering errors. This means less waste and less rework.

BGA rework soft vapour phase entlöten
Muster Löten SMT Prototypen prototype soldering vapour phase one

Relieve series production

Keep your series production at full steam!

With the Just Solder 460, you can solder your samples and prototypes without blocking the machines in the serial production line, thanks to high repeatability in series quality.

As a tabletop device with compact dimensions, the system can be easily integrated into almost any production space. No extraction system or connection to an external cooling system is required, and a 230V power supply is sufficient.

You also don't need special training; the system is user-friendly and comes with a comprehensive printed operating manual.

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Salvage components

& PCB rework


With the optional desoldering tool, components can be easily desoldered from circuit boards. Especially in times of component scarcity and the increasing focus on sustainable electronics production, reliable desoldering has become crucial.

You can also use the desoldering tool for the repair of populated circuit boards when you want to desolder incorrectly placed or defective components.

Since low temperatures are also required for this process (typically 230°C for lead-free), the salvaging or repairing can be carried out very gently.

A significant advantage of desoldering with our desoldering tool is that, typically, neither the component nor the board needs to be freed from solder residue. The separation of the component from the solder joints is done so cleanly and evenly that flat surfaces remain on both the board and the component.



Save your soldering curves, as well as all parameters and settings, by taking a screenshot.

Simply execute the "Save" command on the touch panel, and the control system automatically saves the screen content to a USB storage device.

The USB port is conveniently located on the top of the soldering system.

This way, soldering curves can be assigned and documented for the soldered assemblies.

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Everything in view


The Just Solder 460 features a viewing window in the lid. This allows you to keep an eye on your populated board during soldering and observe its behavior in different phases of the soldering process.

This can be advantageous for recognizing the causes of various error patterns with the naked eye, precisely determining key points such as the melting and solidification of the solder, and more.

Or, for example, simply because it's enjoyable to watch the meticulously assembled prototype being soldered. The moment when the solder paste melts, in particular, is always fascinating and exciting - we just can't get enough of watching it!

Achieve maximum results. Upgrade, level up. high energy efficiency. Achieve highest produc


Thanks to vapor phase technology and an efficiency-optimized design, only minimal energy is required for soldering. A complete soldering cycle consumes only 0.25 kWh! 

Large systems in productions typically require a lot of energy for heating and cooling, and this can be saved with a Just Solder 460. This is environmentally friendly and significantly reduces the costs for soldering small quantities and prototypes. The Just Solder 460 gladly handles:

  • Soldering trials and production approvals

  • Small batches, samples, prototypes

  • Subsets (e.g., due to unavailability of components)

  • Assemblies that are difficult to solder (especially if "only" reflow convection ovens are available)

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Recommended clearance:


Power connection:


Recommended fuse protection:

Maximum electrical power.:
Power consumption per cycle:

Connection cable:

Noise level:

Maximum soldering material format:

Maximum weight of soldering material:

Process temperature:

Galden filling quantity.:





590 x 540 x 350 mm (l*w*h)

25 kg

Left / right / behind each 300 mm


208-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

(Power quality according to EN50160)

10 A

1750 W

app. 0,25 kWh

CEE 7/4 Schuko 2,5 m (included)

<70 dB


460 x 205 x 100 mm (l*w*h)

oder 385 x 265 x 100 mm (l*w*h)


3 kg

165-240° C (depending on  kind of Galden)

0,9 - 1,2 kg



4,3" Touch HMI


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